Living on Mission in the 21st Century: Unveiling the Christian Calling

Living on Mission in the 21st Century: Unveiling the Christian Calling

In a rapidly changing world, the Christian calling to "live on mission" takes on new dimensions and significance. This blog post delves into what it means to live on a mission as a Christian in the 21st century and how the teachings in Dr. Jerry D. Ingalls' book, "Seize the Moment," can be applied to embrace this calling.

1. The Mission in the Modern World:

Living on mission today means more than ever. It involves actively seeking to make a positive impact in a world that is often marked by complexity, division, and uncertainty. As Christians, living on mission means to be the embodiment of love, compassion, and purpose in the face of contemporary challenges.

2. Practical Application:

"Seize the Moment" offers practical daily devotionals designed to foster spiritual vitality and engagement with the world. These devotionals provide a structured approach to connecting with one's faith and putting it into action. By incorporating these teachings into daily life, Christians can actively live on mission in today's world.

3. Cultivating Awareness:

Living on mission requires an awareness of the needs and opportunities around us. The book's teachings guide readers in viewing each circumstance as a providential opportunity to grow closer to Jesus and to make a positive impact. This awareness becomes a key tool in modern mission living.

4. Responding to the Holy Spirit:

Living on mission means being attuned to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. "Seize the Moment" encourages readers to prayerfully apply God's Word in their daily lives, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide their actions and decisions.

5. Strengthening Spiritual Vitality:

In the 21st century, spiritual vitality is a powerful tool for living on mission. "Seize the Moment" helps individuals strengthen their spiritual foundation, enabling them to face modern challenges with faith, resilience, and purpose.

6. Building a Community of Missionaries:

"Seize the Moment" fosters a sense of community by connecting readers with a shared mission. Living on mission is often more powerful when done collectively, and the book's devotionals can serve as a catalyst for building such communities.

7. Embracing Diversity:

In today's diverse and interconnected world, living on mission involves embracing different cultures, beliefs, and perspectives. "Seize the Moment" equips readers to engage with the world's complexity while staying true to their Christian values.


Living on mission as a Christian in the 21st century is a multifaceted calling, one that challenges us to actively engage with the world, respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and foster spiritual vitality. "Seize the Moment" provides the practical tools and guidance needed to embrace this mission in today's ever-changing landscape. By applying its teachings, readers can actively and purposefully live on mission, making a profound difference in the world around them and embodying the Christian calling in the modern era.


Seize the Moment III: Old Testament Devotions for Today (2 Kings - Psalms) by Dr. Jerry D. Ingalls serves as a guiding light for Christians living on a mission in the 21st century. The teachings within the book are a practical and relevant resource for applying one's faith to the complexities of today's world. The daily devotionals in "Seize the Moment" provide a structured framework for spiritual growth, helping individuals foster the awareness and resilience required to navigate the challenges and opportunities of modern mission living. By embracing the book's teachings, readers can actively respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and strengthen their spiritual vitality, making it an invaluable companion for those committed to living on mission in a rapidly changing and diverse world.


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