Author Spotlight: Dr. Jerry D. Ingalls – A Life of Service and Purpose

Author Spotlight: Dr. Jerry D. Ingalls – A Life of Service and Purpose

In the world of faith and spirituality, few authors embody their beliefs as passionately as Dr. Jerry D. Ingalls. As the Lead Pastor of the First Baptist Church of New Castle, Indiana, since 2010, he has dedicated his life to serving his community and sharing the message of hope and faith. Dr. Ingalls is an ordained minister with over two decades of experience in pastoral ministry, starting in 2003. His commitment to making a difference extends far beyond the pulpit.

A Pastor and a Community Leader:

Dr. Jerry D. Ingalls is actively involved in his community, working as a chaplain with the Henry County Sheriff's Office. He's not just a spiritual guide but a source of solace in times of crisis. His outreach extends to the New Castle Correctional Facility, where he preaches and teaches, offering inmates a chance for redemption and spiritual growth.

Additionally, Dr. Ingalls shares his passion for athletics by serving as an assistant coach for the girls and boys Track & Field team, specializing in throws, at New Castle High School. His involvement with the youth of the community demonstrates his dedication to nurturing the potential in others.

Family, Faith, and Personal Growth:

Dr. Ingalls' personal life is a testament to his values. He has been married to his wife, Kimberly, since 1999, and together, they have been blessed with three wonderful children. The family bond is significant to Dr. Ingalls, and he enjoys spending quality time reading with his children, camping, hiking, and participating in track and field events.

His life journey has been marked by moments of extraordinary commitment and service. Before entering pastoral ministry, Dr. Ingalls served honorably in the US Army as an Infantry Officer. His military service was marked by remarkable achievements, including earning the US Army Ranger Tab, Airborne Wings, Air Assault Wings, and the Expert Infantryman Badge.

He also served as a Chaplain Candidate, a role that led to his graduation from the US Army Chaplain School in 2007. His military experiences not only honed his leadership skills but also instilled a sense of discipline and dedication that he carries into his pastoral work.

An Impressive Academic Journey:

Dr. Ingalls' commitment to learning is evident in his extensive academic background. He earned a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Pastoral Studies with honors from Grace Theological Seminary in 2020. Prior to this, he completed his Master of Divinity (MDiv) from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2008, furthering his knowledge of theology and pastoral care.

His academic journey also includes an MS in Counseling and Student Development from the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University in 2000 and a BS in Psychological Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1996. During his time at West Point, Dr. Ingalls was not only a standout athlete but also a scholar. He was named an All-American and Academic All-American athlete, the 1996 IC4A Champion, and still holds Academy and Patriot League records in the hammer throw. He even competed in the 1996 and 2000 USA Track & Field Olympic Team Trials, narrowly missing a spot on Team USA for the Sydney Games.

A Purpose-Driven Author:

Dr. Ingalls' commitment to his faith and his community has culminated in his work as an author. His Seize the Moment series is a reflection of his real pastoral ministry. This devotional series was born during the COVID-19 pandemic, as he sought to support his congregation through a time of immense cultural disruption and personal unrest.

"Seize the Moment Devotions" is a testament to Dr. Ingalls' dedication to his pastoral goals:

  1. Connect: Dr. Ingalls aimed to connect with his congregation daily, offering an open invitation for prayer and assistance during the pandemic.
  2. Provide: He wanted to provide a simple yet accurate daily devotion from God's Word to his congregation throughout the pandemic.
  3. Encourage: His goal was to encourage his congregation to remain in God's Word, hear from God, and live for God every day.
  4. Equip: Dr. Ingalls aimed to equip his congregation to be bearers of hope, shining brightly in a dark time when the Church of Jesus Christ needed to stand out.

His books embody these goals, offering readers a practical and spiritual guide to navigate life's challenges and uncertainties. By blending faith, service, and resilience, "Seize the Moment" empowers individuals to discover and fulfill their unique calling, mirroring Dr. Ingalls' unwavering commitment to a life of purpose.

Dr. Jerry D. Ingalls is more than an author; he is a dedicated servant, leader, and inspiration to his community and readers alike. His life story and contributions are a testament to the power of faith, service, and a commitment to a life of purpose.



Dr. Jerry D. Ingalls' series, Seize the Moment, stands as a remarkable testament to his life's dedication and pastoral mission, echoing the very essence of living a purpose-driven life. The book, born during the turbulent times of the COVID-19 pandemic, serves as a practical companion to the themes discussed in this author spotlight. Dr. Ingalls' devotionals, inspired by his real pastoral ministry, empower readers to face life's challenges with faith, service, and unwavering resilience. "Seize the Moment" is not just written works but a manifestation of his pastoral goals – to connect, provide, encourage, and equip individuals with the strength to find and fulfill their unique calling. Through these books, he extends his message of hope, faith, and the pursuit of purpose to a wider audience, inspiring others to live a life as meaningful and impactful as his own.


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